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    Want to know why you aren't getting any blowjobs?

    My wife won't give me a blowjob because she says it tastes gross. I really miss a good blowjob. How do I get her to change her mind?

  • Here's what you can do about it...

    Happynis begins with Jiftip

    Happy endings begin with Jiftip


    FACT: no pill or diet will make it tasty for her.

    Elastic, Flexible Urethra:  Tiny firehose / perfect sperm cumtainer. ~ with love, Jiftip

    Penis Genius

    The urethra is both firehose and cum-tainer.

    Ready whenever you are. ~ with love, Jiftip

    Avoid the rush
    Applies pre-erection, whether Mr. Penis is excited or sleepy.

    Happy endings are easy for HIM to clean up.  ~ with love, Jiftip

    No mess, no fuss

    Happy endings are fantastic! He cleans up, she relaxes with pride

  • Is Jiftip right for you?

    • Cum-phobia
    • Condom phobia
    • Urinary dribbles
    • Erectile dysfunction

    💗 Feel who you love, Love how you feel.

    Alternative tip condom that's not a condom  ~ Jiftip  for blowjobs.

    How To Use

    Simple Solution

    A simple modern solution to a very, very, very old and complex problem!

    Q and A ~ Jiftip... it's cool!


    Many people ask

    Will my penis explode? Will it fall off? Does removal hurt?

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    "You'll be delighted or receive a prompt and courteous refund. Please keep the 4-Pack as our gift... No Return Necessary."


    Is it safe?

    Know for sure with the Firehose Capacity Test


    Is Jiftip right for you?

    Review the Jiftip video guide in private.


    You're Covered

    Give it a try, our simple Happynis Refund is golden.

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Privacy Policy
Simple Happynis Refunds ~ Buy With Confidence!
◆ Before you make a purchase, please make sure to review our detailed video guide at www.Jiftip.me ​​​​
◆ You will be delighted with your manhole cover by Jiftip, we'll give you a prompt and courteous refund... minus the shipping fee of course. Keep the 4-Pack as our gift - NO RETURN NECESSARY.
*Please note: We can only offer refunds on our Jiftip 4-Pack, so please choose carefully. 

◆ Free Replacements
-If you find a defective Jiftip or make a mistake during the application, just let us know and we'll replace it for free with your next order.

◆ User Guide
- It's important to understand that following the instructions carefully is key to success.
- Jiftip delights almost everyone who follows the instructions precisely.
- Visit the Penis Genius Academy at: https://www.jiftip.me for a comprehensive guide on how to use Jiftip.

◆ Support
Our customer support team is here to help you on your Jiftip journey and make it a magical experience! https://www.jiftip.com/support
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