• It's cool! Says the penis genius ~ Jiftip

    Is it safe to hold it inside?

    Did you know Chinese Daoist monks have practiced semen retention for thousands of years?


    Dr. Paduch says the 16cm (8") long male urethra is stretchy and can hold average ejaculations without being uncomfortable.

    "For partners who don't like sperm taste - Jiftip is pretty cool and meets a real need." ~Dr. Darius Paduch, M.D. Urologist

    • Her questions

      Will it fall off inside?

      No, it won't fall off inside like condoms... Just follow the pre-application cleaning and bonding instructions.

      Is this safe for pregnancy/STD?

      NO! -- It's NOT approved for that. Govern yourself accordingly. Jiftip is the Un-Condom... Use for pleasure and delight only.

    • His Questions

      Are there different sizes?

      Like scarves and beanie hats. Jiftip covers the critically important 'manhole' - one size fits most.

      Does removal hurt?

      Yes, it can be a little sensitive the first time... it's not for pussies. Remove Jiftip with pleasure - Jiftip removal oil

      The history of semen retention.

      • Did you know Chinese Daoist monks have practiced semen retention for many centuries? Learn More 

      Will it work for me?


      To know for sure... do a urethra capacity test... UC Test

      1. Other Questions

        WHAT'S IT MADE OF?

        A sterile, impenetrable, stretchy, allergen-free skin-like, poly-urethane film coated with skin-safe adhesive.

        WHEN TO APPLY?

        Apply 10 minutes in advance... erection is optional. Be sure to pee first or you'll have to start all over.

      2. Buy with confidence!

        Buy a 4 Pack - which comes with a prompt and courteous refund... less the shipping cost... of course.

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      Will Jiftip's 'manhole' cover work for you? 
      Before you buy - do a UC test - (Urethra Capacity Test):
      ✔ Pinch the tip shut. Slowly urinate until urethra is full but not uncomfortable... drain into a glass jar.
      ✔ Generate and release sperm into another glass jar.
      ✔ COMPARE: If the sperm volume is less than urine volume... you've got enough urethra capacity. Buy Jiftip with confidence and be thrilled.
      No product works for everyone... including Jiftip. Buyers accept liability/responsibility for all consequences. 
      1 YEAR PREMIUM REPLACEMENT WARRANTY |   Jiftip failures will be replenished with your next order >> www.Jiftip.com/support
      ⚠️ ⚠️ 
      Govern yourself accordingly. Jiftip is the UN-Condom. Here's to sperm-free happy endings.
      No product delights everyone.  Try for 60 days - You will be delighted or receive a prompt and courteous refund - less US$12.00 per 4-Pack for the cost of mailing and handling... of course.  NO RETURN NECESSARY for the 4-Pack items. 
      ✔ Buy with Confidence
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      ✔ Deliver hap-penis, joy and laughter.
      ✔ Delight my customers - respect their privacy... and they'll return with a few friends.
      I hope your Jiftips bring you much joy, hap-penis and laughter. 
      ~Nini | Jiftip Hap-penis Guru