Jiftip Manhole Cover!

    Apply 10<20 Minutes beforehand is recommended.

    (No erection required)

    Step 1

    Clean the tip

    Urine drops, pre-cum, dirty fingers, and moisture cause leaks.

    Step 2

    Peel - Stick

    Stick to the frenulum side first, then center over the urethra.

    Step 3

    Press - Roll

    Flatten the tip with your finger and roll side to side, for wrinkle-free application.

    Step 4

    Skin Bond

    While massaging the tip, the backing film will fall off. Similar to a temporary tattoo.

  • How to remove Jiftip

    What he'll do for a blowjob
    with a happy ending.

    Jiftip HapPynisHelper.  Removes Jiftip with pleasure.  Enjoy!



    Removes Jiftip with pleasure.

    Oil the tip and enjoy the massage.

    Jiftip removal alternative - Slowly pull bubble - Tough Guys Don't Cry!


    Tough Guys Don't Cry!

    Slowly pull on the bubble, think of the fantastic happy ending you just had.

  • The simple solution ~ Jiftip

    Jiftip Questions

      Ask a Penis Genius - urology doctor.

      The male urethra is 16cm (8") long, stretchy and can hold average ejaculations without being uncomfortable.


      Will Jiftip work for you? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      To find out if Jiftip (with or without a pocket) is right for you, you need to do a test called the urethral capacity test or UC test in the Q&A.


      "For partners who don't like semen/sperm taste, Jiftip is pretty cool. It meets a real need."

      ~Dr. Darius Paduch, M.D. Urologist


        Will Jiftip work for you?


      • Jiftip... nothing in and nothing out.

        ♪♫♪ Happy Endings for All.

        Feel the difference la la.♪♫♪

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