• How it works

    Feel free to apply in advance, no erection required.

    Watch Video Guide Below

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    Step 1

    Clean the tip

    Urine drops, pre-cum, dirty fingers, and moisture cause leaks.

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    Step 2

    Peel - Stick

    Stick to the frenulum side first, then center over the urethra.

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    Step 3

    Press - Roll

    Flatten the tip with your finger and roll side to side, for wrinkle-free application.

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    Step 4

    Skin Bond

    While massaging the tip, the backing film will fall off. Similar to a temporary tattoo.

  • Removal

    There are two methods

    Jiftip HapPynisHelper.  Removes Jiftip with pleasure.  Enjoy!

    Pleasure Method

    Happynis Helper

    Remove the Jiftip with pleasure in about 60 seconds or less. Oil the tip and enjoy the massage.

    Jiftip removal alternative - Slowly pull bubble - Tough Guys Don't Cry!

    Superman Method

    Tough Guys Don't Cry!

    Pull the bubble and say: I'm a tough guy, I won't cry. The temporary redness/swelling disappears quickly.

  • Video Guide

    Success is in your hands.

    • Video Length: 10 Min.
    • Not Safe For Public VIewing
    • Smartphone video format: expand to fullscreen.
    • Explicit Video - View In Private
    JIftip User Guide Video Length: 10 min.
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    Is Jiftip right for you?

    • Cum-phobia
    • Condom-phobia
    • Urinary dribbles
    • Erectile dysfunction

    Note: Potential users should consult their urologist before making a purchase as the Jiftip solution isn't suitable for everyone. Jiftip is not a medical device, nor is it intended to treat or prevent illness, disease or pregnancy.

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    Darius Paduch,

    Urologist, M.D.

    "Jiftip is pretty cool and meets a real need.

    Did you know that the male urethra is about 16cm (8") long, flexible and can expand to hold average ejaculations without being uncomfortable?

  • You + Jiftip = Happynis

    This Sure Beats Nothing...

  • Not a Tip condom...

    Did you know that Jiftip is the world's only manhole cover for just-the-tip. 💋

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