• Feel more with less.

    Did you know that you don't have to wait until the last minute?

    P.S.Erections are optional.

    Step 1

    Clean tip

    No urine droplets, pre-cum, skin oils, or moisture.

    Step 2

    Peel - Align

    Stick to frenulum and align for best urethra coverage.

    Step 3

    Press - Roll

    Flatten tip. Roll straight finger side to side for a wrinkle-free bond.

    Step 4

    Skin Bonding

    During the skin bonding, the backing film will fall off.

  • Two Jiftip removal methods

    Jiftip removal - Superman method - pull the bubble

    Slowly pull bubble


    DOES IT HURT?  Yes - it's penis torture. It builds character 💪. Not for men with uncircumcised penises or delicate / sensitive skin.
    • Temporary redness / swelling disappears.  Adhesive is non-allergenic and skin safe.
    Jiftip removal oil | Pleasure method

    Fast Removal Oil


    Fast Removal Oil magically removes Jiftip in 60 seconds or less - with joy, pleasure and delight. Made from the best oils on earth.
    • Be careful not to go too slow or you'll have a 2nd orgasm.
  • The simplest solution is almost always the best ~ Jiftip

    Ask a Penis Genius - urologist.

      Is it safe to hold everything inside?

      Did you know that semen retention has a 5000 year history?

      Dr. Paduch says the 16cm (8") long male urethra is stretchy and can hold average ejaculations without being uncomfortable.


      "For partners who don't like sperm taste - Jiftip is pretty cool and meets a real need."

      ~Dr. Darius Paduch, M.D. Urologist

      • Will it work

        for me?

        Do a urethra capacity test


        Jiftip... will it work for me?

        Do A UC Test BEFORE buying.

        Got space?

        Will Jiftip's 'manhole' cover work for you? Do a Urethra Capacity Test at home:

        1. Pinch the tip shut. Slowly urinate until urethra is full but not uncomfortable... drain into a glass jar.

        2. Generate and release sperm into another glass jar.

        ✅ If sperm volume is less than urine volume - Jiftip will delight you.

        Which Jiftip to buy... Pocket or No Pocket?

        Pocket or No Pocket?

        Which should I get?

        The 4 Jiftip Sampler has two pocket and two no-pocket Jiftips.

        • Pocket Jiftip has a sperm pocket that bubbles out.
        • No Pocket has longer hold times.  For men who prefer the sensation of holding everything inside.

        NOTE: Both versions will hold average volumes (2 mL. - ⅓ tablespoon)

      • Ready to order?

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      Will Jiftip's 'manhole' cover work for you? 
      Before you buy - do a UC test - (Urethra Capacity Test):
      ✔ Pinch the tip shut. Slowly urinate until urethra is full but not uncomfortable... drain into a glass jar.
      ✔ Generate and release sperm into another glass jar.
      ✔ COMPARE: If the sperm volume is less than urine volume... you've got enough urethra capacity. Buy Jiftip with confidence and be thrilled.
      No product works for everyone... including Jiftip. Buyers accept liability/responsibility for all consequences. 
      1 YEAR PREMIUM REPLACEMENT WARRANTY |   Jiftip failures will be replenished with your next order >> www.Jiftip.com/support
      ⚠️ ⚠️ 
      Govern yourself accordingly. Jiftip is the UN-Condom. Here's to sperm-free happy endings.
      No product delights everyone.  Try for 60 days - You will be delighted or receive a prompt and courteous refund - less US$12.00 per 4-Pack for the cost of mailing and handling... of course.  NO RETURN NECESSARY for the 4-Pack items. 
      ✔ Buy with Confidence
      MY SIMPLE PHILOSOPHY - How am I doing?
      ✔ Being nice to everyone leads to more business.
      ✔ Deliver hap-penis, joy and laughter.
      ✔ Delight my customers - respect their privacy... and they'll return with a few friends.
      I hope your Jiftips bring you much joy, hap-penis and laughter. 
      ~Nini | Jiftip Hap-penis Guru