Want to know why you aren't getting any blowjobs?

    My wife won't give me a blowjob because she says it tastes gross. I really miss a good blowjob. How do I get her to change her mind?

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    Not getting any blowjobs? Don't blame her... semen just tastes nasty.  The un condom   ~ with love, Jiftip

    No blowjobs?

    She's not to blame, nobody relishes tasting semen.

    Elastic, Flexible Urethra:  Tiny firehose / perfect sperm cumtainer. ~ with love, Jiftip

    Penis Genius:

    The urethra is both firehose and the perfect cumtainer.

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    It's a manhole cover for blowjobs 💋.

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    Alternative tip condom that's not a condom  ~ Jiftip  for blowjobs.

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