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    It's NOT a condom...

    The world's only Manhole cover for just-the-tip. A simple, new solution to a very, very old problem.

  • How can Jiftip help you?

    Nothing in, Nothing out.

    Cum-phobia - FACT: no pill or diet can make it appealing to her. Blowjobs include happy endings with Jiftip.


    FACT: no pill or diet can make it appealing to her.

    Condom-phobia - Symptoms: Erection defection AKA erectile dysfunction.  Happy endings begin with Jiftip.


    Did you know that penis sensitivity declines with age? Symptoms: Erection defection AKA erectile dysfunction.

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    Urinary dribbles

    Prostate surgery warriors! Jiftip grants you anytime peace-of-mind on the golf course, in the boardroom or the bedroom.

  • A new solution to a very old problem.

    Did you know that the urethra can expand to hold everything inside?

    Keep in mind that  Jiftip isn't approved for pregnancy or STD prevention.

    Not a Condom!

    For pregnancy or STD prevention - use a condom.

    Elastic, Flexible Urethra:  Tiny firehose / perfect sperm cumtainer. ~ with love, Jiftip

    Penis Genius

    The urethra is both firehose and cum-tainer.

    Ready whenever you are. ~ with love, Jiftip

    Be Prepared

    Apply whether Mr. Penis is excited or sleepy.

    Happy endings are easy for HIM to clean up.  ~ with love, Jiftip

    No mess, no fuss

    Happy endings are fantastic. While he cleans up, she's relaxed and happy.

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    Know for sure with the Firehose Capacity Test


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    You're Covered

    Give it a try, our simple Happynis Refund is golden.

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