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Jiftip Easy-Off

6.00 - 15.00
v5.1 Easy-Off Edition
Designed for easy release... like a safety-relief valve. Users with delicate or sensitive skin can order by special request.
US$6| 4 Jiftips in 2 Wallet Packs v5.1.2
US$15 | 10 Jiftip in 5 Wallet Packs - v5.1.2

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Jiftip Ambassador Members accept and embrace these Jiftip terms and conditions:

 (NOTE: Terms and conditions will be updated as needed. Please print this page for your records. )

  1. User instruction card: If your country does not use English - the user instructions must be translated into your local language and included with each order. Partner will translate and pay printing costs-  US$35.
  2. Partners agree to cherish and uphold the good name of Jiftip and abide by the Jiftip CUSTOMER MANIFESTO OR "CREDO" in all customer transactions, online and offline, in person or digital communication.
  3. Partners will honor the Jiftip 1 year warranty for any defective Jiftip products - we want to help our customers win so they will return with their friendsNOTE: Jiftip products include a 12 month free replacement warranty. Replacements will be sent with Partners' next order.
  4. This Partner Agreement may be terminated if the Reseller's actions or words cause any type of shame to our cherished Jiftip name. 
  5. ⚠️ IMPORTANT ⚠️ 
    Partners may advertise and market Jiftip for the following purposes:
  • Pleasure Enhancement Device.
  • Male urinary incontinence.
  • Oral sex for sperm taste... for men who love oral pleasure and their ladies don't like sperm taste.

All advertising and sales receipts must include this disclosure translated into your local language:

⚠️ A T T E N T I O N ⚠️ 

Jiftip is THE UN-Condom... NOT APPROVED FOR PREGNANCY/STD PREVENTION. Please govern yourself accordingly.


OUR SIMPLE PHILOSOPHY - Deliver hap-penis, joy and laughter

✔| Treat everyone with the kindness and fairness we all desire.
✔| Delight our customers with good products and service so they'll return with their friends.

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Will Jiftip's 'manhole' cover work for you? 
Before you buy - do a UC test - (Urethra Capacity Test):
✔ Pinch the tip shut. Slowly urinate until urethra is full but not uncomfortable... drain into a glass jar.
✔ Generate and release sperm into another glass jar.
✔ COMPARE: If the sperm volume is less than urine volume... you've got enough urethra capacity. Buy Jiftip with confidence and be thrilled.

No product works for everyone... including Jiftip. Buyers accept liability/responsibility for all consequences. 

1 YEAR PREMIUM REPLACEMENT WARRANTY |   Jiftip failures will be replenished with your next order >> www.Jiftip.com/support

⚠️ ⚠️ 

Govern yourself accordingly. Jiftip is the UN-Condom. Here's to sperm-free happy endings.
No product delights everyone.  Try for 60 days - You will be delighted or receive a prompt and courteous refund - less US$12.00 per 4-Pack for the cost of mailing and handling... of course.  NO RETURN NECESSARY for the 4-Pack items. 
✔ Buy with Confidence

✔ Being nice to everyone leads to more business.
✔ Deliver hap-penis, joy and laughter.
✔ Delight my customers - respect their privacy... and they'll return with a few friends.
I hope your Jiftips bring you much joy, hap-penis and laughter. 
~Nini | Jiftip Hap-penis Guru