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    with Happy Endings.

    It's the world's only tip-shield.


    FACT - No pill or diet can make sperm taste good - not even pineapple.

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    Is it safe for pregnancy/STD?'
    No, NO. NOT!
    Jiftip is the UN-Condom.
    For pleasure and delight.
    Govern yourself accordingly.

    She'll do anything for love... but she won't do that! Jiftip is for BJs.

    She'll do anything for love - but she won't do that...

    without a Jiftip.

    Elastic, Flexible Urethra:  Small firehose / perfect sperm cumtainer. Love Jiftip

    Elastic, Flexible Urethra / Small Firehose / Ideal Sperm Container.

    Need a rest?  Excited / Sleepy. Erect / soft. Ready whenever you are. ~Jiftip

    Ready when you are.

    Get ready... already - in advance. Erection is optional.

    Sperm is his problem.  Happy endings are easy for HIM to clean up.  ~ Jiftip

    Those are His sperm.

    Blowjobs with Happy endings are easy for HIM to clean up.

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    LOVE how you feel.

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    Will my penis explode?

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Will Jiftip's 'manhole' cover work for you? 
Before you buy - do a UC test - (Urethra Capacity Test):
✔ Pinch the tip shut. Slowly urinate until urethra is full but not uncomfortable... drain into a glass jar.
✔ Generate and release sperm into another glass jar.
✔ COMPARE: If the sperm volume is less than urine volume... you've got enough urethra capacity. Buy Jiftip with confidence and be thrilled.

No product works for everyone... including Jiftip. Buyers accept liability/responsibility for all consequences. 

1 YEAR PREMIUM REPLACEMENT WARRANTY |   Jiftip failures will be replenished with your next order >> www.Jiftip.com/support

⚠️ ⚠️ 

Govern yourself accordingly. Jiftip is the UN-Condom. Here's to sperm-free happy endings.
No product delights everyone.  Try for 60 days - You will be delighted or receive a prompt and courteous refund - less US$12.00 per 4-Pack for the cost of mailing and handling... of course.  NO RETURN NECESSARY for the 4-Pack items. 
✔ Buy with Confidence

✔ Being nice to everyone leads to more business.
✔ Deliver hap-penis, joy and laughter.
✔ Delight my customers - respect their privacy... and they'll return with a few friends.
I hope your Jiftips bring you much joy, hap-penis and laughter. 
~Nini | Jiftip Hap-penis Guru