• Jiftip | Blowjob Challenge | How to get a blowjob, even if she thinks it tastes gross



  • My wife won't give me a blowjob because she says it tastes gross. Everything else in our sex life is fine, but I really miss a good blowjob.

    How do I get her to change her mind?

    Jiftip Sperm taste just isn't popular

    The reason is sperm

    It wasn't designed for good flavour

    It tastes like horse 🐎 piss 🍺 to my sweetheart. She loves me, but not my sperm. It wasn't designed to taste delicious and nothing can change that.

    Jiftip | remember the flowers and the bees

    Attract, don't repel

    Learn from flowers and the bees

    I remembered the lessons from flowers and bees. Block the stuff that repels and use the stuff she likes.

    Jiftip | Then add chocolate

    Block the bad flavor

    Add some good flavor

    To block the sperm taste, I sealed my spout. Jiftip works perfectly. Next, I layered on the chocolate spread, Nutella works.

    Jiftip | It was awesome!

    How did it go?

    Happy endings are awesome 🏁

    This morning was the third time. She literally begged to give me a blowjob 🍭 before she would get out of bed.

  • Jiftip | try it, you'll love it or get a full refund, no return necessary.


    She loves you, not your semen.

    Jiftip is a micro thin shield that covers just the tip.